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Monday, March 14, 2011 | Tag | 0 comment(s)

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share another tag blog with you. I wasn't actually tagged for this but would want to tag 'you'. It's a fun one! I am tagging supergirlaloo!

blush or bronzer - [blush] I am definitely a blush girl. I have a few bronzer but I rarely use them. I was thinking of trying Nyx bronzer though.

lip gloss or lipstick - [lipstick] When I was young I used to love lip gloss but now I prefer lipstick. Am I aging?

eye liner or mascara - [mascara], I love them both a whole lot. I think you can wear either eyeliner or mascara alone. Though, eyeliner can be use as eyeshadow too.

foundation or concealer - [foundation], I need this to cover all my flaws. I also love them both! I use concealer when I am in a hurry or for simple and natural makeup.

neutral or color eye shadow - [neutral] I think as I get older I am into neutral colors.

pressed or loose eye shadows - [pressed] loose eye shadows are messy.

brushes or sponges - [brushes] Sponges are hard to clean.

OPI or china glaze - [china glaze] Only because it is cheaper.

long or short - [short] I have to keep my nails pretty short coz it'll keep on breaking and I am always on a computer. It's hard to use keyboard and touch screen cellphones having long nails.

Acrylic or natural - [natural] afraid of acrylic.

Brights or darks - [both] Sometimes, it's good to try new shades.

Flower or no flower - [no flower ]

perfume or body splash - [perfume] It last a lot longer

lotion or body butter - [lotion] It sink in a little better.

body wash or soap - [body wash] I don't like bar soap because it takes away the natural oil or moisture of the skin.

lush or other bath company - [other] I love trying new products so that I can see which one works better on me

jeans or sweat pants - [jeans] I wear it if I don't feel like wearing short comfy dress.

long sleeves or short - [short] It depends on the season and country I'm in. I don't like tee shirt length I'd rather wear tank tops or long sleeves.

dresses or skirts - [dress] skirts don't look good on me but short dresses is a full outfit

stripes or plaid - [both] but these days I'm into stripes and I've noticed that all my short dresses I bought in F21 are mostly stripes.

flip flops or sandals - [sandals] You can dress it better than flip flops

scarves or hats - [scarves] I like hats during summer and only when I'm on the beach.

studs or dangly earrings - [studs] Depending on the situation but studs are simple and more elegant.

necklaces or bracelets - [necklace] Because I can't find bracelet that fits me.

heels or flats -[heels] I feel 'girly' wearing them.

cowboy boots or riding boots - [riding boots]

jacket or hoodie - [jacket] I also wear hoodie but under my jacket.

forever 21 or charlotte russe - [Forever 21]

abercombie or Hollister - [abercrombie] better quality

saks 5th or nordstrom - [both] maybe

curly or straight - [both] big waves looks good on me.

bun or ponytail - [bun] more styles to do than ponytail

bobby pins or butterfly clips - [bobby pins]

hair spray or gel - [hair spray] for special occasion coz it holds waves better.

long or short - [long] coz its easy to take care of

light or dark - [light] both is okay with me but I'm trying lighter color for summer

side sweep bangs or full bangs - [side sweep] and for a month, I've been thinking of having a full

up or down - [down]

Rain or shine - [shine] when I'm out but I love to rain during my sleep at night.

Summer or winter - [summer] is so fashionable

Fall or spring - [spring] Everything is growing, green everywhere the clouds are so blue and there are lots of yuchekut in Jeju Island

Chocolate or vanilla - [chocolate]

East coast or west coast - [westcoast]

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