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Thursday, May 13, 2010 | Pft! | 0 comment(s)

ob-vee-us-lee, I can't think of a proper title at all. Kaya pft! e-nee,wey, I'm trying my very best talaga to lose weight pero since i have a home-office meaning, I do all my works at home kaya I think that Im gaining weight na which of course I dont really like. First, It has an effect on my scolio and second, i wanna wear my dress and skirt I bought na apparently ay hindi na magkasya sakin.

Then I decided to drink this slimming tea Biguerlai Tea. On my first cup, may effect talaga sya after 6-8 hours pa. You will feel something really bad going on your tummy and can't help but run to the CR. After reading lots of reviews about the tea, which they said na nakakanipis ng bituka yung religiously drinking it so i stopped for awhile then drink na lang when i want to. It's good naman kasi, it cleans your body and you can feel na medyo light ang body mo.

There it goes. Hope to achieve that 26 waist line again haha. Well, if ever lang naman na ma-achieve eh its because of the tea and my belly dancing every other morning.

i ranted @ 7:00 PM