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Friday, September 25, 2009 | HeLlur PowH | 0 comment(s)

If we have the same age you would've likely wrinkle your eyebrow and ask "What"? at the title of my blog post. That's exactly my reaction whenever I stumble upon text-speak on non-mobile phone systems.

The other day I saw a FB status written by a teenager and it was in awful text-speak! I almost get lost thinking if I am still in the same geological era. I thought that all those text-speak fashion is just on mobile phones which I totally don't understand each short shorter shortest-cut of words.

I am completely untuned about seeing text-speak outside of mobile phones. I can't answer why, but I just find it entirely unacceptable and kind of "salitang kanto" if I may say. Okay, lemme say that there are words acceptable to text-speak like "Ksi" which we often drop letter "a" but "xe" is definitely not a good writing fashion.

I can still recall being terrified of my strict elementary English teacher, Mr Gimeno. I remember him because he was so strict and enforcing for a pure english speaking. I always got low grades in his class but I'm a fast-reader anyway We have this "tag" that whoever amongst the class speak tagalog will be fine a peso in every tagalog words that he/she uttered. Strictly implemented, no exemption, enforced within the vicinity of the school and you'll only be free outside your alma matter.

It was only when I was 9 that I realized I had to work up and finally started to read more and work on my writing. I joined essay writing contest but unfortunately didn't even win a single entry. I've tried every thing to improve my writing like those of making short/long stories about anything "not" under the sun. I still keep it tough until now for memories sake.

I am worried about how my kids will grow up with these text-speak fashion and of course I won't allow them to do so. So, parents why don't you try and check your kids way of writing outside the world of mobile phones. NoT UnLEz U wNt uR Kidz 2 wRyT Diz wAY.

whatchathink huh?

i ranted @ 9:11 PM