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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 | 25 random things | 0 comment(s)

I remember when i was still so addicted to friendster's survey..there's this list called "25 random things about me". It started to spread on the internet. Basically, you are supposed to write just that, 25 random things, facts, trivia about you, so that people will get to know more about you. at first, i told myself i wouldn't ride that thingy, although i admit that i did enjoy reading other people's lists! until days passed and i got hooked on facebook and read more and more, saw other people's random trivia that were similar to mine, until the day i saw someone's blog and she wrote her own list and that was it. i decided na makiki-uso na din ako. enjoy pala siyang gawin ah! enjoy writing your own lists!

1. when i grow up, i want to be like alice dixon.

2. i watch cartoons all the time. until now.

3. i've shared a room with my nanay until i got married.

4. i never join a beauty pageant though i want to.

5. traveling gives me extreme joy!!

6. i used to watch Star olympics and get authograph from celebrities.

7. i've never tried any kind of drug and i never intend to.

8. my lola used to massage my feet every time we see each other.

9. i once got a perfect score on a surprise trig long test. i have no idea how that happened, i don't really like math.

10. my parents thought my kuya before me will be their youngest but then i came, so they usually call me "ampon"

11. i collect stationeries and stickers since i was 8 years old and still keep tough right now.

12. my grade school crush is always my partner in any school programs and my escort as well in our classroom.

13. i am a scoliosis patient but not sad about it.

14. i love having white skin and pro-whitening products.

15. i had a boy back cut after breaking up with my bf.

16. i drink durian shake but don't eat durian fruit. i eat grapes but don't drink grapes juice.

17. i think i could be a good politician, for real. it is my favorite subject, was my minor in college, and my family have political background. My spanish grandfather used to be a leader in our town and our street is named after him.

18. as a kid, i used to love eating sinangag rice fried in the excess oil of tocino.

19. i have gone out at night more now than in the last years of my singleness.

20. i love being a wedding coordinator.

21. i am a private person and shy at times.

22. i still dream of working slash living abroad.

23. i was once a "bad girl".

24. i wore "pambahay" shorts in school instead of undershorts.

25. i am an ate's girl.

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