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Saturday, August 29, 2009 | Tagaytay Weekend Getaway | 0 comment(s)

Every Filipino loves Tagaytay and I'm just one of them! It is the best place for cool weather secondary to Baguio of course. This place has awesome food, and fantastic nature view. There is more to Tagaytay than the usual places that you go to. I've been going to Tagaytay for so many times and never get tired of going back again and again and again.

Picnic Grove offers a panoramic view of the Taal Volcano. Most of the visitors bring food with them to have picnic inside. By the way, entrance fee to Picnic Grove is now Php 50 and another Php 50 for vehicle parking. There are lots of cottages available in the picnic park which could be rented for at least Php 150.

One of Tagaytay Picnic Grove’s attractions nowadays is the Tagaytay Ridge Zipline and Cable Car. It’s a breathtaking ride of up to 60km/hour as you fly high on a zipline to up to 300 feet off the ground. Don’t worry, professionally trained staff will assist you and ensure that every second of experience is safe enough to be tried.

Former President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imedla Marcos started building the Palace in the Sky, for the purpose of reciveing President Ronald Regan and his First Lady. But the visit was cancelled due to the problems that Marcos faced at the time and the palace was never finished.

Today the place has been renamed to People's Park In the Sky and unfortunately the Palace remains unfinished. This place has one of the most amazing views.

Josephine’s Restaurant is one popular restaurant here in the Philippines with various branches in different parts of the country. The place is very impressive. The landscaping is great and inside is clean and elegant. The setting is a mixture of modern and traditional.
After our eat all you can (lotsa food) ;) I kept on on admiring the way their restaurant is beautifully adorned. The walls are with beautiful wood parquet that looks very stylish.

The three of us just go around their place to enjoy the enchanting view of the Lake Taal which is at their background. We enjoyed the cool breeze outside and the fascinating view.

One of the most favorite churches for weddings down south of Luzon can be found at Nasugbu, Batangas. They say that the Caleruega Church is so in-demand from would-be couples that you need to book a date a year ahead of schedule to get a spot. Sometimes, it’s even hard during peak season like June and December.

The Caleruega Church is still a bit off Tagaytay City and the road into the location is a little rough. Despite that, the panoramic view is just fantastic.

Further down the hill, there’s a hanging rope bridge connecting to a larger garden and orchard which is always flocked by families and tourist for an afternoon picnic.

Sonya’s Garden is a peaceful, relaxing place, just exactly what burnt-out yuppies in Manila need. The flowers and interior design make the place so romantic, and not to forget having a massage in this secret garden.

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