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Tuesday, April 21, 2009 | BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills | 0 comment(s)

 BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Outside Shot 

 BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Reception 

 BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills WalkWay and Common Area 

 BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Common Area and Private Room 

There's no better way to relax this summer without burning your skin at the beach than to be at the newly opened Blue Water Day Spa Capitol Hills.

I've been to different spas but according to their website  only Blue Water Day Spa offers this:
Spa Home Theater system that is equipped with a 50 inch High Definition Plasma TV with sorround sound and with BlueRay Players.
I would really like to try having a signature massage and body scrub while watching "Somewhere in Time".  Sounds like fun huh?!  Good thing they are offering free foot reflex and free Swedish massages for 20 bloggers.

I hope I can win this time because the first time they did this contest I was not able to join.  Here's the map going to Blue Water Day Spa Capitol Hills. 

i ranted @ 7:01 PM