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Thursday, April 2, 2009 | One More Chance | 0 comment(s)

Finally, naiuwi ko na rin ung movie na One More Chance after a year sa waiting list ko na mga files to take home from office. Im in the middle of the movie na and parang napaka bigat naman sa dibdib nung movie maybe because nandun na ko sa climax. My bestfriend told me lang na maganda yung movie and he keep on telling me last year pa na panoorin ko pero I really have no time to watch it.   Better ask the suspect. So ayun na nga, later after work I'll finish it na then find something why would someone ask  me to watch it. 

Cute lang ng name ng mga characters ni John Lloyd and Bea..Basha and Popoy. Oops I remember na sila rin pala sa Close To You na pinilit lang din ipapanood saken nung taong nagpapapanood saken ng One More Chance. Basta one of my favorite tagalog movies is Kung Ako Na Lang Sana nina Sharon and my boyfriend Aga. Stories are somehow predictable pero not the ending. 

i ranted @ 10:38 PM