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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 | I'm a Winner! | 0 comment(s)

Congratulations winners of BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Bloggers Competition

Thank you everyone for joining the competition, we really appreciate your continued support for us. The event will be held in Capitol Hills at 2pm and will end at around 4 - 5pm, it will be one person per entry so no guests could be brought in with you. 

I hope you enjoy tomorrow's event, and have a great massage experience.

On behalf of the BlueWater Day Spa Franchise, we'd like to thank you for joining.

Warm Regards,

Francis Simisim 
BlueWater Day Spa & Gang Ventures INC.,

This is the email I got from Sir Francis. Actually, I was late to submit my entry sa first competition nila and finally i was able to join and win this time. I really love spa and massages since High School so whenever i go out of town I see to it that i'll have a spa, massage, and my favorite body scrubs. I tried so many spa talaga and I think i'll love Blue Water Day Spa kasi they have this unique service of theater. Oh Im so excited. I'll definitely join again next time.

i ranted @ 10:14 PM