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Tuesday, March 3, 2009 | Updates | 0 comment(s)

After 9 months of waiting..here comes spring again! And another memorable event happened to Koeun my dear korean friend. She gave birth with her princess Ju Ne? oh i dont know the spelling yet..haven't talk to her but i'll surely do today to congratulate her. I have so many reasons now to go back in Korea. 

Actually, i have given the opportunity to work there but the problem is to live there permanently. Koeun once told me I can stay for free in their house. But but but i cant leave Nicko alone here. I don't have to think twice about that. Di ko kayang ipagpalit si Nicko sa dami ng pera na makukuha ko sa Korea, pero as career woman there would come a time na maaalala ko yung opportunities na yun. Pero I decided not to leave my Nicko period!

While waiting for desperate housewives new episodes.. i visited my favorite site of korean tv dramas and found out that theres this F4 Boy Before Flowers .. the story is almost the same with other korean dramas. 

i ranted @ 11:06 AM