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Sunday, March 22, 2009 | Jealousy | 0 comment(s)

If you look closely into the faces of those around you, you will catch a glimpse of a certain big eyed monster and then you'll see they envy your career, your love life, the time you spent with his or her friend. How do you deal with such JEALOUSY? There are many ways but the best is to simply share what you have then you'll hear "thank you". 

Jealousy means a negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity and fear.  And if well mixed with anger, sadness and disgust can lead to envy. But both jealousy and envy are similar and for some reasons can differ too. Jealousy is about something one has and is afraid of losing while envy is about something one does not have and either wants to GET and prevent another from GETTING. Life is wonderful without jealousy and envy. Let's not make a passion out of it. 

i ranted @ 2:47 PM