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Sunday, March 22, 2009 | Bullies | 0 comment(s)

There were lot of things that we couldn't understand and no one seemed in a hurry to explain them. Why there are 'BULLIES'?  where can we find them? some say in the school while others say in the playground. 

Any adult will tell you that the playground is not the only place to find them. Everywhere we look we can find people who are UNconcerned and UNaware of the pain may inflict. It might be a neighbor framed in a suspicions of a friend, or a daughther that is punishing her mother or a wife seeking justice from a man who sold her a car. YES! there are bullies everywhere. And the worst is the ONE person who take advantage of you without you ever knowing what they've done.

Bullies can hurt us in a way that we didn't know because everything is hidden in all possible way. Covering grudges with their angelic face not ever imaging that you are not born yesterday. I wasn't born yesterday that's why i know every little thing that younger ones are up to. I'm too older to be a bully and matured enough to see bullies around me. 

i ranted @ 2:04 PM