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Tuesday, January 20, 2009 | TWILIGHT FAN AKO! | 0 comment(s)

Im freakishly fast at times! Well, I read the first twilight book in one day ( a day i also spent with my cousins-in-law sa baliwag who i spent my new years eve (but that doesn't mean i celebrate it! nyahaha). I timed myself reading twilight book. I started at around 3:00pm tapos tigil lang ako pag kakain na, saka nung nagpunta kami sa house nila Lola Norma. Honestly, gusto ko nga dalin ung book kaya lang ang rude ko naman diba?! then nung madami ng fireworks sa labas nanood na kami..buti nalang nagpuyat itong si Nicolas manood ng LOTR extended edition kaya nakipagpuyatan narin ako at nagbasa ng book. So natapos ako around 3:30am. And dahil narin sa napapanaginipan kong lumilipad ako sa isang malaking lugar na sort of like a forest (na naimagine ko while reading the book) kaya nagising ako ng maaga kasi parang nightmare na ito! nyek! kaya, nagising ako ng 8:30 na (late na! come on! late na rin ako natulog noh) kaya tinuloy ko ang pagbasa hanggang 10:30am. 

Right now, im reading new moon. But hindi na tulad ng pagkaddict ko sa first book coz i got lots of load to do eh unlike nung holidays. I do have the eclipse and breaking dawn. I downloaded the audio and text file.

Some tips to how to finish one book (about 400-500 pages) a day..
1. Magbasa sa holiday or weekends
2. Just read the book and don't do anything else.
3. If it is a meal time, read at the same time! (pero kung may kasabay ka kumain, dont do it..its kinda rude)
4. If someone asks if you can help them with something, say sorry but you can't and carry on reading.
5. DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!! Focus on the book and allow yourself to get lost in it.
6.Forget what is happening around you and just read.

By doing so, you can finish it by the end of the day or,  at the most,  end of the next day! then do the :-[) Vampire smile. 

i ranted @ 4:44 PM