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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 | Family and Friends | 0 comment(s)

January 10, 2009 
Dinner with Family Friends
Venue: Dela Paz Residence
Invited: Jen and Nicko, Vitasa Family, Tita Racquel and Matthew and of course the Dela Paz Family.

Must do: Eat and drink all you can! 
Dela Paz ordered 4 Shakey's Pizza, Ate Susan, made her hindi matatawarang spaghetti na naguumapaw sa cheese. Tita Racq made this chocolate cake with cadbury chocolate and  cherries on top. Look! ang sarap sarap talaga nyan..super. 

And because all of us love singing, kaya videoko na naman ang tropa na may tumataginting na 300pesos worth of GLOBE text and call card..Laging may price ang pinakamataas na score..and take note indi nadadaan sa pasigaw sigaw ang videokeng ito dahil dapat nasa tono ka at sabay na sabay dapat. 

i ranted @ 10:34 AM