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Thursday, December 4, 2008 | Shower Party for Morning | 1 comment(s)

Since Tuesday, Grace and I are so busy preparing for the upcoming shower party of Morning (Jmark's wife to be).We looked for the venue of the said event. Inquired room rates at Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Discovery Suites and the rest are just phone inquiries and wag kalimutan ang pag - inquire sa Victoria Court. After a couple of thinking and inquiries, Grace and I decided to go for Holiday Inn. I know its expensive but all the cheap hotels are all fully-booked because of the holiday season. So the next step is to buy edible-thingy on saturday and design the room to make it look naughty and romantic. (Romantic design is from grace's wits and naughty is of course from me.) Pero we'll make sure naman it's gonna be a lot of fun and excitement at hindi naman namin nakakalimutan ang good manners and right conduct na natutunan sa School..

After the event, double fun is live through from the stag party naman. Plans are not yet in order but definitely we all leave the hotel for Mark and Aga. And us? where the road will take us.

Shower Party is part of the traditions from other countries and it's not a standard for bride to be to have this kind of party. Usually, friends of the bride to be will prepare for the event. Dito sa Philippines it's being done lang by the new generations like you and me.


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