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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 | Morning Grace's Bridal Shower Party | 1 comment(s)

Me, Grace, Loisa, Ayin and Riz recently throws a bridal shower party for our girlfriend Morning Grace last December 6, 2008 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Ortigas City.Morning Grace is soon to wed my friend since elementary and my so called childhood sweetheart  J-Mark Rodriguez. Was everybody among the tropa are invited? Of course not, coz boys are not allowed inside the room unless the party is over.

I woke up like 8:00am as far as I remember because Grace and I will meet at 10:00am in Megamall with Riza. But sudden changes occured, Riza is not coming due to some unavoidable situations at work. Then there came the most nakakainis na part. I have to change my sandals coz 5mins before ako umalis nasira ito at hindi ko na maayos. So I have to go na coz I don't wanna be late and also I can't relax if someone's waiting for me. I looked around muna to get some presents for Morning but I started feeling pain from my feet and OHMYGOSH my feet hurts so much. Ginamit ko kasi ung stiletto ko na as in very high narrow heeled ko ever. Eh just imagine walking around mega using that kind of sandals diba? I bought some paddings for my feet pero still it hurst ouch ouch ouch.

Pero kinaya ko nalang..i was about to buy a new pair of sandals na nga pero control control control. I need to stop myself buying things in a rush. To make me feel comfortable, i just waited for her sa 5th floor sa Wedding Library where in some edible thingy are available. Then came, Grace with so many things as in super many things  seems like a walking closet pero ang maganda merong dalang magic sing. (na indi gumana unfortunately)

After purchasing bridal shower party needs like balloons, presentsand had lunch we directly proceed to Holiday Inn na and as much as i want to take off my sandals i can't do it..Imagine! I'm carrying so many things, walking around mega from A to B then B to A, na bonggang bonggang sakit ng paa ko talaga. Pero everything went good naman ng makita namin ni Grace ang room na pinareserve namin. It was beyond our expectations. Super BIG room (almost 6.000), two queen size beds, bathroom with bathtub, with a good overlooking sight of the city lights at night.

Picture Picture muna kami ni Grace habang tatalbog talbog kami sa room sa sobrang laki. Then, while doing all the preparations like balloons both of us already enjoyed it so much and i must say that we have some things in common when it comes to being green minded (wink). we thought that we need to buy some food for dinner though we're hoping that those girls coming already had their dinner. We lost out of budget na kasi ^^ I feel so savored doing all the grocery stuff and carrying lots of things again haha while my feet is hurting..need to carry like 10 cans of soda, the chips and light snacksI can't think of how me and grace really carry all those things even now if i have to conceive of it again its a big "WE REALLY DID THAT?" then approaching to the guard of Robinson's Galleria, where we just realized that holiday inn and robinsons are connected building (i was just kidding when i asked the elevator operator if theres a connection between the said buildings then she said yes i felt like my feet are clapping coz it hurts too much and i cant endure the pain anymore ^^

Yun nga lang, its not allowed to bring super many food items in the room. Then he saw the Tequilla I purchased (I did?!) I gave all my convincing power to persuade the guard pero slight lang sya pumayag..the rest of the food is okay but not two bottles of tequilla so we need to give it to the receptionist then get it before check out.

Oh my story is too long na.. Then one by one the guests are arriving..I met Loisa and Ayin for the first time. First impression i thought they are so snob but its the other way around. I was so formal introducing myself i shake hands with them not beso beso then also one by one other guests are texting that they can't make it. In short, yun na un. Kaming 5 lang kc dumating si Riza from so far away with matching whole chicken?! haha indi buhay ah ung luto na haha..pati un naging joke sa sobrang kakulitan naming 4 sa room. We made a good friendship while waiting for the bride to be. It was my second shower party and each one is different from the other.  

Games and surprises are awaiting for the guests tapos dumating na si Morning finally! kaya lang..with background song na "Panalangin by APOwe asked her to come in..pero aba! sabi teka magtoothbrush lang ako, magCR lang ako, mag bathrobe na muna ako..hahaha naku si Loisa nasa sulok kasi hawak nya ung surprise na naughty cake namin..In 30 secs malapit ng maupos ang kandila waaa..super laugh talaga kami. And then lumabas sya and we all gave her the BIGGEST smile and sWeEtEst hug for a friend. She looks so prettywhen i saw her at that night. I don't know but that night she looks so adobrable and lovely.

Briday Shower Party's Theme: What is a Naughty & Nice Shower?We decided to choose naughty with some kinda nice shower for Morning. A shower where guests bring one "naughty" gift for the Bride and Groom's honeymoon, and one "nice" gift. But we changed it by just simply buying naughty edible thingy like edible underwear and prepared a number of naughty games. The gifts are so nice coz nobody bought naughty gifts for the bride to be's honeymoon. We started the party with the first rule of the game (grace and I's ideas) that whoever utter the word "bride" will be given not so shocking punishment..One who said will take off one of the things in her body..don't worry for those who are conservative out there nobody receive the punishment  because we just enjoy the night with so many laughters and girl talks.

The girls prepared a sexy dancefor Morning that we only prepared maybe like 30 minutes before Morning's arrival. We came up of different sexy moves to the beat of "overjoyed" that i just chose randomly on my ipod. It was so fun doing all the dance, it was so sexy and so cute with matching video captured by Morning.(Hope no one can get it and upload it to YouTube. Hey Morning let me secure the master copy?! 

After a long talk with the girls while having some shots of tequilla, some of us decided to sleep due to temporary loss of strength and energy (in short: lasheng) sino kaya mga yun? Not me and grace kasi kami talagang PAGODlang promise..basta ako I had 4 times of shower sa bathroom then sleep na lang while waiting for the guys to come. The guys throws a Stag Party naman for J-Mark. And that's it! i had funwith Morning, Grace, Loisa, Ayin and Riz on that special day and we made a good foundation of friendship. Then i realized that some true friends can be found even after a couple of hours after meeting them. You learned to forgive and let goLearn to be humble and accept fault, Learn to express love and take love from others. Friendship can't be based on how many years you've spent together but with how they treat and love you the way your real and true friends treated you.

Check our pics on my Friendster account or click here 

I just wanna say THANK YOU THANK YOU all girls for being so nice to me and to the GIRL  who has shown me true friendship, someone who became my spokeperson to some rumors about me. Of all people, sya pa. And I'm glad we've made good relationship and surely to cherish and treasure the friendship as short as forever. 
P.S. Thanks to CHINEE  for my cute smilies and I also got some from her links.  And oh by the way, I am working with my WIX it's a flash site. It's cutie.  you check it though it's not yet finish. click here 


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