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Tuesday, December 30, 2008 | How Can I Make Real Friends | 1 comment(s)

The of teens of EL Monteverde Dec 28' 08 'How Can I Make Real Friends Video Showing.  I dubbed Stacey Evans, a good friend helping Tara (Sherene) to cope up with her 'suffering lost' Coordinators are Kuya Anton (editor and voice talent) Ate Milx, Tara's mom. Kuya Din, Tara's Dad. Nicko (the narrator). Gaze, Mark, JR, Abby, Tin-Tin - Tara's B.I friends and other Hapi Pipol.

After most of the teens went home, the Hapi Pipol's bonding moments with our favorite videoke and Nicko here is singing  A Love to Last a Lifetime by Jose Mari Chan -- this is actually his national anthem. And of course yours truly singing 'A Very Special Love' you're not like the rest I know you're one of the best you give more than you should and take nothing in return. 

At naman! picture picture while having fun. hahaha see that cross eyed pic? it's the most funny pic I've ever had and im blogging it here and why not diba? I so love making funny faces

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