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Sunday, December 28, 2008 | Blog Addict | 0 comment(s)

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Kamusta naman ako? parang naupo ako dito sa harap ng pc around 2pm ata then what time is it now? huwhat? it's 1:40am this is not so good. I'm waiting for nicko now eh kasi may coverage sya until 4am daw pero I'm not sure if i can still wait for him kasi parang pagod na ko eh sa sobrang dami kong ginawa dito sa harap ng computer.  I have so many ideas na naman in mind but still can't figure out how to layout all those designs na naiisip ko. As you know, I'm not that super creative eh kahit nga ung mga artworks ko since grade school lahat un walang ka-art-art. Lately nalang ako medyo natututo kasi contagious ang pagiging creative and artistic ni papa Nicko eh.

I got new things on my sidebar namely the personalized who's shetumblr - not yet finished still under construction and my plurk is working now, the blog stats not so sure of how accurate it is but anyways, i'm kinda loving it so far. Pag naiisip ko kung gaano kahirap manually iedit ang sidebar at mga widgets and embed na yan hayyyy napapaisip akong ito na ang blogger theme ko poreber. Ay yay yay before ko makalimutan, can you notice charmy cat? pinersonalized ko na rin sya kasi i saw lots of blog themes from wordpress na puro marie cat and charmy cat ang theme so cute sya diba? 

I'm still on the process of loving my blog and innovating it too..So i have to say goodnight na my eyes are so tired and so my hands.


i ranted @ 12:31 AM