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Wednesday, November 12, 2008 | Strawberry Inspired | 0 comment(s)

Got a new blogskin and as i posted before sabi ko nga i easily tend to feel sawa sa everyday thingy na nakikita ko so while browsing some skins, i came across to this little wendy stuffs that somehow suits my blog style as of the moment. Of course theres a lot to change again kaya i think im not yet done so i have to do it tomorrow nalang. Tomorrow na nga pala ikakabit yung new internet broadband namin which is by Globe and hopefully it's faster narin. So i guess im gonna start using wordpress again? hahaha im not pretty sure about it.

I feel hungry na and i think i'll eat midnight snacks while watching some series na rin with Nicko.

Catch up laterzz.

i ranted @ 11:00 PM