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Friday, November 14, 2008 | One Unexpected Day | 0 comment(s)


It was such a great day for me seeing some of my friends unexpectedly. I went to megamall this afternoon with some friends and then nung medyo hapon na around 5:00 maybe, then bibili kami ng frutas shakes then someone tap me at my back and nakita ko si bestfriend Lucky really unexpectedly! I introduced him to everyone and then nakita lang daw nya ko kaya tinawag nya ko then i spent time with them sa pancake. Nood sila ng Quantum of Solace and guess who pa ang mga kasama..Bobby (my ex boyfriend) is coming with Riza. What a wonderful day diba? all in one day..haha it was such a great day coz i spent a few time with my bestfriend and then si Grace..And dagdag nalang si Bobby and Riza. I was so happy to see them kasi nga matagal tagal ko na rin silang indi nakakasama.

I miss spending time with my friends, namimiss ko kasi ung dating bonding moment namin ni bestfriend Lucky..yung tamang food trip lang tapos watch movie lang sa house nila with Mama Juling. Pero sympre indi na pede naming gawing dalawa ung dati naming mga bonding moments..kasi nga I'm married na and he has Grace din..so sympre dapat naman sensitive kami sa feelings ng mga partners namin. I'm just glad that Grace and I are really so okay na rin. And atleast i can spend time with my bestfriend din sometimes and of course dapat kasama sya. Parang walang issue..hehe.

I left them eating their meal eh while im so craving for egg pie pero indi ako nakabili kasi nga nung naghiwahiwalay kami eh pauwi narin naman kami nung mga kasama ko talaga..nag wait lang kami ng sundo.

I just wanna say that I'm happy not because of issue-able thingy basta I'm happy lang that i spent time with them kahit almost an hour lang. I just really miss the friendship with my bestfriend. And also un talaga ang plan namin ni Grace na kumaen kaya lang the time did not permit eh kaya may utang parin ako sa kanilang 2 na dinner na i dont know where and when un mangyayari. It was such a happy day for me..very cute day..very unexpectedly..and the 4 of them are so nice to see. Oh by the way, nag-market narin ako para sa wedding nila hehe..


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