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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 | Business Name Approved | 0 comment(s)

Busy days, busy days, we have spent our crayons and pencils, counting numbers doing our abc's we can write our name spell it out loud and clear..di ko na alam ang kasunod. It's a nursery rhyme song I learned from my niece when she was like 3 years old and now she's a university student na..Time really fly sooo fast.

Well, im posting about my busy day schedule today. I got the Business Certificate na, napakagaling talaga ng internet. I registered my business name sa internet then i got my transaction number and approval of the business name and then i submit it to the DTI this morning, i thought i have to wait for 3-5 working days pa pero since approved na nga ung business name ko eh i dont need to wait for a couple of days, kasi mga minutes lang eh ok na pala yung certificate and parang magic lang sa sobrang bilis.

I went to pay meralco bills and there's this meter something refund hehe na di ko nagets so nagbayad nalang ako. Tapos nagpunta ko sa BDO para sa credit card at after that sa BIR naman para sa TIR ko. So medyo late na ko ng lunch around 1:00pm na kasi nga sa sobrang hectic ng schedule ko. So dun nalang ako sa Mc Donald's naglunch mag-isa, inorder ko ung favorite kong big mac, fries at sympre and indi mawawalang Coke Float.

Basta madali lang pala mag - apply ng business name siguro medyo bloody (madugo) ^0^ pag need ko na ng mga baranggay clearance, BIR, mga ganun ganun. Pero I'm determined to SUCCEED. Alam ko at positive ako na magclick tong business kong ito. We call it Funshots Photo Booth para sa mga events, weddings, birthdays na printed pictures instantly right in front of them na pede pa nilang ipersonalized like pedeng ipaprint sa badge, sa keychain, if they want they can have thumblers pa and many many more. We're still working on the design at itong si Nicko eh indi pa nakakausap yung Engineer na gagawa ng booth. But everything is under control naman. i'm so excited about it, really sooo excited.

Having your own business is unquestionably far better than working as an employee. Una, wala kang boss, boss ko sarili ko, ay sa digital photography pala namin may boss ako si Nicko..pero this one is mine so ako ang boss nya.. soo love et. I'll be working on the site din. I'll keep you guys posted.


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