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Monday, November 17, 2008 | Biancz | 1 comment(s)

ayon na nga! sabi ko naman eh madali akong manawa sa blogskin.. so i got my blogspot a new skin..it's super JeN kasi it's color pink (kaya nga pinkiness) and with some of gifs. So far naman eh im kinda loving it..baka indi na muna ako magtingin ng blogskin kasi baka pag nakakita na naman ako eh i'll change it again..and it's so matrabaho to change everything..from small details to the most seen details of the blog.

i found bianca gonzales' site too and her pics are pretty exciting to see kasi its not the usual we see on tv. I like her kasi she hosts very well at indi masyadong maarte tulad ni ____. She's also very gracious sa lahat even sa pagsalita nya.

so nag post lang ako dito sa (multiply) now to let you guyz know that i changed my blogger skin. 

that's all and zalzineo 

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