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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 | Weirdest Hello Kitty product ever: teeth | 0 comment(s)

If we think of Japan we think of most popular cat Hello Kitty. There are different Hello Kitty stuffs like kitchen appliances that i always wanted to have a display in my house, then came the cat-inspired musical instruments, like piano and electric guitar. Sanrio (store where i used to buy my school supplies from head to toe) I remember when i was in my elementary days, i used to buy those sanrio stuffs thats why im always excited about the first day of class. But then as years goes by i stop it when i was in middle school. Sa pagpapatuloy, then Sanrio came up with a Hello Kitty car! Then it just got weirder coz now we've got Hello Kitty sanitary napkins, a Hello Kitty exhaust pipe for your car, and of course, the scandalous Hello Kitty vibrator.

I thought the last one is the weirdest ever but then here comes Hello Kitty Tooth. Warning!! if you're squeamish about teeth and saliva don't look at the picture below but if you're curious then just take a glance..Though, its so prissy to see disgusting stuff like teeth..it's still so cutie.


i ranted @ 5:26 PM