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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | Nostalgia | 0 comment(s)

They said friends come and go. Pero if you have really good and real friends from your childhood, you can't take them away from your life eventhough you don't see them often like before. Now, we're getting older na and when I reminisce about the past memories I had with them nakakatuwa rin especially pag may mga new chapters in their lives na nangyayari ngayon. Like getting married, having babies, work abroad for greener pasture, nagiging business person and more. Pero the only thing we did before is to play and quarrel play and quarrel. Pero kung iisipin naten na talagang napakaraming ng nangyari but the friendship is still the same 20 years ago. I do miss the days na we used to play and hang-out.


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