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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | My day's Party Blast | 0 comment(s)

It was the most tremendous party i had on my day last Oct 26. I celebrated with almost 300 guests at 8 waves Water Park and Hotel, La Familia catering, lots of balloons, and a WOW venue arrangements. The theme was from the movie 'cars' that's why it was so colorful. Food was so great having international cuisine. Cake's from Fernandos (thanks Pinky) and give aways are all customized like thumber with pictures, badge that has your picture taken during the party. And one of my favorites are the food stall like FIC ice cream, fishballs, sago gulaman, french fries, okoy and more. Not to forget face painting and lots of magical shows, BUBBLE show where you can take picture inside the super big bubbles.

Well honestly, its not my party. It's one of our clients in Baliuag. One of the most affluent family in the said town. I enjoyed it except for one person who keep on bragging a lot from the time we met (first meeting) upto the time we finished the coverage.

I just had a great time on my birthday while working. And i realized that there's a need for me to study photography by heart.

i ranted @ 7:23 PM