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Friday, October 24, 2008 | My day is coming | 0 comment(s)

I'll be turning 28 on sunday (Oct 26) and i feel like I'm forcing myself na im getting old na. Pero sabi nga nila na kalabaw lang ang tumatanda and of course i do believe in that. I usually think back pag malapit na ang birth date ko and ang lagi ko lang naiisip how years really fly so fast. Dati i used to spend my time lang sa school, sa friends, sa house, wait for vacations and sem breaks, tapos as now as i think back ang naiiisip ko nalang eh what are the productive things i've done so i guess im pretty much growing na (yeah i just realize it so late) and i told myself na i'm really so blessed with lots of things like having someone as good as Nicko na whenever i look at him every morning pag nauna ko nagising before him..i can see how such a good person talaga sya and im really blessed having him in my life. Sympre my family also na no matter what my decisions are they just support me all the way, no questions asked basta they still see me as their baby kasi nga i'm the youngest. Also my friends na kahit na we seldom see each other i can feel na when you need them nandyan lang sila for you.

Let's make it happy naman..Wishlist ko for this month sana mabili na namin ni Nicko yung matagal ko ng gusto..then ung isa kc na-materialized ko na..advance gift ko for him sa 3rd wedding anniversary namin.

that's all and i hope there no wrong grammar sa post ko na toh...i don't wanna proofread pa eh coz im tired and sleepy pa..

Cheers~ love life ika nga ni boy and kris


i ranted @ 7:57 PM