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Friday, October 17, 2008 | Skinning | 0 comment(s)

jen: (breathe deeply and heavily); finally, my skin is almost done but it didn't give me a complete satisfaction coz my "exits" link isn't working..i don't wanna change my skin coz its clean and cute, but what will i do with that !@#$ link? Basta i won't give up on this. It challenge me and i know i can do it..pero indi at this moment kc medyo pagod na ko eh saka my back is aching na rin.

I had a great day today nga pala coz i spent a couple of hours texting Grace and Joanne, sila yung mga new friends ko though we've known na each other for quite a long time narin pero wasn't given a chance na maging close.. Dati kasi parang casual hi and hello's lang..may mga misunderstandings din pero that's not important now, what good about this friendship is that we don't have inhibitions. We're kind of trying to make a strong foundation of friendship kahit hindi masyadong maganda yung mga pasts experiences namin.

Grace and i are friends na (finally! prayers heard) and while building that friendship eh business partners narin kami. i really enjoyed having a good conversation with her sa Starbucks over a venti size of caramel frappucino..^^ Business draft are settled.

Joanne and i have a common denominator and we are not proud of that hahaha. Hopefully, we can find time, the three of us to spend sometime together shopping or just hang out.

Grace and I got lots of time together in the near future as business partners and coordinators in different events like Myla's shower party and Aga's too.

I'm so tired but don't feel sleepy dahil sa pag-inom ko ng isang venti na white mocha frappe kanina sa Robinson's Galeria. SO0o0 i have to drink kahit isang shot lang ng "SOJU" tonight before matulog.. para masarap ang pagtulog..

O00opps, i bought 2 blouses sa Kamiseta kanina and a white belt from NafNaf..so00oo cute..sale kasi eh...

goodnight and zalzineyo~


i ranted @ 10:44 PM