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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | Flat tummy | 1 comment(s)

I'd better prepare my body and mind for the most awaited 3rd wedding anniversary. As i posted a week ago, i unintentionally booked a flight from manila to boracay so i guess i need to have a flat tummy before the day comes. I hate doing all the sit-ups and crunches coz i think its not good for my scoliosis. I can't attend aerobics class coz i don't have the enough time and money to spend just for that (where i used to do before) but im more practical now. I started reducing my rice intake which i do it at night. I eat properly and not skipping any meal for wellness. Lot of people noticed that im getting thinner but when i take a look at myself my tummy isn't flat yet. Ottoke? I read from one article in FemaleNetwork that simply practicing good posture is a good alternative for sit-ups and crunches and also yoga or pilates. I have a CD for pilates class but i bought the advanced one that gave me a hard time following the steps..

sigh..I'm determined to get a flat-tummy before the end of the year. So, i'll have the right to flaunt in Boracay.. Here we come.. (it's the first choice for our honeymoon way back 3 years ago.)
It's really true that when you want something do all the things to get it.


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