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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 | Bloggies TMI (too much information) | 0 comment(s)

How many of you have made your personal blogs, online networks mushrooming like friendster, facebook, hi5, myspace and all? I suppose that whoever the blogger is the usual topics are about love, life, business, fashion and politics and blog entries are usually obstinate in your own opinions and also it is coming from the bloggers mind and editted in one's prejudice

A lot of people say that in our so called "new generation" is the TMI (too much information) time, theres these blogs where in the bloggers shares their private details of their lives. Others are blogging about themselves and their dilemmas to help them be heard and to move on in a way just in case of break ups. Nevertheless, there's some bloggies who are "oooover sharing and penning about their respective issues to get sympathy and look for an "ears" / "eyes" to be heard but sometimes its becoming a source of difficulty. Because some people would give kindly comments (who seems really like a real friend) but on the contrary, some commentarists especially ung mga parang napadaan lang..gives unkindly comments that aggravate the situation. I read one true to life chronicle that's related to what im talking about. Check it here!


i ranted @ 9:20 PM