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Monday, October 13, 2008 | Adorn with scarf | 0 comment(s)

Evoking a lifelike images within the mind is one of the best bonding time with Nicko. I pose and he shoot. But each time we had pictorial, he always have something new in mind na talagang nakakaimpress. And on my part naman, i assumed na I'm a real model para makuha nya yung result na gusto nya.

One of his creations that night is the above picture. It's not so so unique pero may drama kasi yung picture. Parang when i see it there's a story behind it and may emotions talaga.

We cropped it and it looks different din from the other one. The other one looks awkward daw. I fell in love with "her" nga. Kasi parang it's completely not me. ^^

Opps! that scarf is a gift from my korean student. i love the texture and the color fits me.

i ranted @ 8:28 PM