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Tuesday, September 9, 2008 | skin care tips | 0 comment(s)

The surprising saboteurs: Your constant cellphone chats

Why they’re bad for your skin: Having fewer face-to-face conversations with your friends and fast pace of life can cause cultural stress that is often responsible for many physical annoyances.

What you can do: By carving out at least two hours once a week to bond with your buds in person. Eating lots of fruits, veggies, and fish also is good

The surprising saboteurs: The windows in your workplace or car

Why they’re bad for your skin: Overexposure to sunlight can happen indoors, too. Indoor lights can mimic the undue effects of prolonged exposure to the sun, and the harsh UV rays can also penetrate through thick glass, “Even car tint may not be able to completely filter the harmful rays of the sun”.

What you can do: Wear at least SPF 15 every day—even when it’s cloudy outside. Apply sunscreen on exposed skin when going on a road trip or commuting. Arrange your desk so you aren’t in direct sunlight and look for sunglasses that have the “100 Percent UV Protection” sticker.

The surprising saboteurs: Going to a bargain facialist

Why they’re bad for your skin: Cheapie facial at a skincare clinic at the mall can be risky. It’s better to go to a clinic with a licensed dermatologist who will personally attend to you.

What you can do: If you just want a standard facial and your skin isn’t sensitive or acne-prone, then it’s okay to go to an inexpensive (but reputable) clinic or spa. However, be extra careful about more invasive treatments.

The surprising saboteurs: Your love of exfoliating scrubs and peels

Why they’re bad for your skin: Using strong peels and exfoliators more than twice a week can irritate your skin and accelerate the signs of aging.

What you can do: If your skin is red and inflamed, stop scrubbing and just use a mild cleanser plus an SPF 15 moisturizer.

The surprising saboteurs: Your-on-the-go makeup brushes

Why they’re bad for your skin: Leaving your tools unwashed more than a week can cause unwanted blemishes. Ideally, you should clean and dry your brushes thoroughly after each use.

What you can do: To help retain their shape and keep brushes fungus-free, lay them flat on a clean towel post-wash. Make sure they’re completely dry before you pack ‘em in your makeup kit.

The surprising saboteurs: Secondhand smoke (especially in a crowded bar or party)

Why they’re bad for your skin: Nothing more to say..

What you can do: When you can’t avoid sharing airspace with smokers, make sure there’s ventilation in the room to dilute airborne toxins.

The surprising saboteurs: Your afternoon double cappuccino

Why they’re bad for your skin: A recent study found that the naturally occurring hormones in cow’s milk may be linked to acne and as a result, your skin creates more oil, which makes you break out

What you can do: If you’re still battling zits, even though you’ve been following an anti-acne regimen for at least a month and using stronger prescription treatments, ask your doc if you also should cut down on dairy products to control breakouts.


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