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Friday, September 5, 2008 | My Body Shop Massage and Make-over | 0 comment(s)

Need a little calm, to recharge your skin, or to add some oomph to your day? Desperate for a good night’s sleep, but can’t seem to get it? 1 in 5 people suffer from a lack of sleep, but a relaxing routine encourages peaceful and restorative slumber. So try the new Deep Sleep range which includes jujube date to help nurture the body and promote tranquil sleep.

Spray some of this quick-drying soothing mist onto your pillow or sheets before bedtime and the special encapsulation technology will ensure bursts of active fragrance will be released throughout the night, as the body moves, to aid more satisfying sleep. Special relaxing ingredients of jujube date and Community Trade chamomile combine to balance and soothe and promote tranquil sleep.

I had the chance to try this new product of The Body Shop with massage in SM Megamall this afternoon. I choose Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow And Body Mist to be used for my hand and shoulder massage. And because i love spa and massage, I just love the scent of it and it feels like you really wanted to rest your back and get a good sleep.

After the massage, one girl forced me to have a Body Shop make-over :-) I hesitate to do it kasi i have my foundation and powder already pero there are like 4 of them forcing me and hindi naman ako mahirap kausap so i said "owkei". And what's nice about 'Camille' the make-up artist, she didn't say anything to make me buy any body shop make-up products. I just asked her "Ano yang ginagamit mo?" then it turned out to be a new "me" :-) it's just a simple make-up pero I kinda like it kc it's so simple lang na a make-up na you can wear lang sa mall. And my friends said naman it's good on me. And there are some people saying na artistahin daw ako (wink). In the end I bought some make-up products. ^^

i ranted @ 8:09 PM