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Thursday, September 18, 2008 | Need Stylish glasses? | 1 comment(s)

Eyeglasses are highly visible fashion accessories -- which is why fashion-conscious men are buying multiple pairs. Women, too, are buying frames but for different reasons: to cover swollen faces or bad makeup. But finding the right frames is not easy. Here are some professional tips on making the right choice.

Eyebrows and frames

Many choose frames based on the shape of their face, but Hwang Sung-wook of RetroSpecs, which specializes in vintage frames, says the eyebrows are more important. “Plastic frames do not suit people with thick, dark eyebrows,” says he. “They look better with a thin titanium or matt silver frame.” Those who have thin eyebrows are better suited to thicker or more decorated frames. If you have slanted eyebrows, you should avoid rectangular frames and go for round or oval frames. If you have drooping eyebrows, then thick frames make a better choice.

Skin types and frames

Recommended for those who want to wear glasses to cover up spots are frames in muted tones; colorful frames only accentuate acne. Those with darker skin may find that yellow, orange or golden frames brighten up their skin tone. 

Tips on choosing the right frames

1. Thick, dark eyebrows: thin titanium or silver frames /RetroSpecs 
2. Thin, narrow eyebrows: thick or decorated frames /IC Berlin 
3. Square faces with prominent cheekbones: oval frames or square frames with round edge /RetroSpecs 
4. Faces with widely-set eyes: frames with long bridges or protrusions beneath the bridge /Tateossian 
5. Faces with close-set eyes: frames with short bridges /GF Ferre 
6. Ordinary faces: round, retro-style frames (Women should not forget eyeliner.) /Dita

Distance between eyes and frames

If your eyes are set widely apart, select frames with longer bridges connecting the two lenses. Frames with embellished bridges also work well. By contrast, those with close-set eyes should no doubt choose frames with shorter bridges. Those with smaller eyes suit all types of frames, while those with big eyes should avoid long, oval glasses.

Make-up and frames

Name In-sun, a makeup artist in Leekyungmin Foret, says you match makeup to different frames. Long-sighted people with convex glasses suit subdued eye shadow and blusher. If you’re short-sighted and wear concave glasses, bright eye shadows go better. Colorful frames suit darker lipstick colors. Eyeliner is still recommended with glasses as clear eyeliner creates an impression of focus. But earrings do not match glasses -- hats go a lot better.

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