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Thursday, September 18, 2008 | eastwood with nicko | 0 comment(s)

There is a place in this world where laughter fills every corner..everyday and that is Eastwood City.

This gratifying place have a balanced mix of work, live and play in a world-class setting. 

We (nicko and I) decided to enjoy the entertainment in Eastwood last Monday and while having a dinner @ Heaven 'n Eggs which offers a great meal and services. An entertainment was filled with a band who performed and not to mention that their music is fresh and the artists are new. 

Shopping is a lot better here coz you can shop till midnight and all your fave brands are here. 

Dinning here is so easy coz you have grand selection of local and international cuisine. They have different gimmicks in various themed restaurants.

Beauty and wellness is her too for you to have a relaxation after a stressful day and i guess everybody deserves to have a stress free life ^^. 

We enjoyed the place and the time we spent together. A different place gives a different feelings. Be there again after a couple of weeks. My pictures can be seen on my multiply. 

i ranted @ 3:48 PM