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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 | adobong pusit | 1 comment(s)

i tried adobong pusit for the first time kc i cant think of any dish na medyo bago naman sa panlasa naming magasawa and one more thing is i missed this dish which my mother usually cooked when i was still living with her. I bought the squids in my favorite grocery and asked them to clean it and when i say clean it, it means that they have to take away all the things that should be taken away coz i dont know how to properly clean it.

I put a lot of love on it while cooking and i guess im successful coz my husband said its sooo masarap without even asking him. And he has a doubt pa na kung talagang luto ko or i just bought it somewhere haha. then he saw a sheet of paper where i wrote the ingredients and recipe. ^^ 

picture is from Phil.Islands


i ranted @ 4:41 PM