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Thursday, August 28, 2008 | Pinoy Cook | 0 comment(s)

While i was reading my rss feeds in my gmail, i discovered (oo medyo late na nga lang) that theres this Top 50 Philippine Blogs and one of them is Pinoy Cook that posts different filipino dish na talagang nakaka-attract lutuin especially these days na nakakasawang kumain and magluto ng paulit ulit. So thankful ako sa site na toh. And oh theres one more site na interesting din basahin instead of reading Chosun Ilbo everyday. From this site kc mababasa ko mga news sa Korea na need ko sa for my daily updates. Kaya when i found out about Buhay Korea, im glad narin kc both filipino and korean news eh andun na. Im gonna try to cook Olympic chilli coco chicken this week para ipalit dun sa veggies na dapat lulutuin ko. And sana it'll taste good naman.

i ranted @ 3:42 PM