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Thursday, August 28, 2008 | Daniel Henney | 0 comment(s)

Im so in love with Spring Waltz a korean drama series and i happened to see it before it conquers the Philippine Television. I enjoyed the series coz of the different settings like Austria and Jeju Island in korea. There's this yuchekut field (yellow flowers bloomed in spring) i had the chance to travel in Jeju Island Korea thats why i feel like a celebrity when i was there and keep on humming "One Love" an OST of the said series. And who will forget the handsome Daniel Henney, an american korean actor from the series. I just love him~ and here's Daniel Henny's site for those girls who wants to see an amazing creature. Warning! Hot and he's Mine.^^

I feel like an avid fan of Daniel ^^ and so glad to see that we hug a big bear in Jeju Island Lotte hotel..It feels like i hugged him narin.

As i browse one article, i read that he visited a poor village here in the Philippines and spent time with the children. :-) He's not just gwapo but also i think he's a nice guy.

i ranted @ 9:32 PM