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Saturday, May 31, 2008 | She's coming here~ | 0 comment(s)

im so happy to hear that koeun finally made up her mind to come here in the phils...im so excited although its just 4days, i know that we'll enjoy more this time because of our plan.. ( ^^ exceed the limit ) adia!!!

we'll spend 3 days and nights together...oohhh ayigoooo..

our plan is to do all things we've missed in korea and one of that is secret..^^

As always, we dont have detailed itinerary but its gonna be ok..right?

im gonna see her tomorrow at 12:30 am. we'll pick her up and go directly to hotel..that's the only plan we have ahahah and rest is 'bahala na'

im not yet packing my things at this moment..oops im actually here in the mall to buy something for tomorrow so i gotta go..

see yah tomorrow..^^ dont be nervous hahaha..it'll be fine..

i ranted @ 7:06 PM