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Saturday, March 29, 2008 | When Jen Met Koeun | 0 comment(s)

Seoul Station, Exit number 1, 2? hhhh i forgot~ not everybody knows im not good in direction but koeun knows it well..^^ We met in exit 1 or 2. It's so cold and im just wearing a short sleeves and my jacket. So tiring coz of my too heavy baggage (good thing i packed light for this travel. my first ever light pack since i travel ^^)

I was so worried about meeting her..i don't how to greet her. is it okay to make beso-beso? is it ok to hug? is it ok to shake hands? everything is obscure because we have different race but we know for sure we're friends. When we finally met, she just gave me the warmest hug i've ever had from a friend. I never expect it would be as easy as that...^^

I had dinner and it touched me when she asked me to wear her cardigans coz its really cold. Im a little shy so i said im ok but she insisted and i just did. ^^ She's so caring and sweet.

After dinner, we look for the bus from seoul to incheon. It's also her first time to ride a bus from seoul to incheon because the usual is subway. In the bus, its just like that we are continuing the friendship we had, not thinking that its our first face to face meeting...^^ everything just put into its proper place. I wont forget when she said that she's a quiet person and good thing im a talker..^^ Got lots of talk and catching up..of course photos..see some of the photos above..isn't it like two friends just met after a long years of being apart? I have a very nice impression of her. This day she gave me a handphone, not lending it but giving me her handphone. For me to be able to contact easily, she even loaded it with calls and text messages.. First impressions last...


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