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Friday, April 11, 2008 | | 0 comment(s)

i have to do this for my lunch hhh ( actually, i dont know where is this for)
The Folk Village. Experience the traditional village of koreans in jeju island.

Mr. Cactus .. ouch ouch ouch

im tired~

the flowers smell so good~
Jeju Tangerine Orchard

Hallim Park is strongly scented with exotic sentiment. The plants are divided into 16 sectors including the Tropical Botanical Garden, Washingtonia Palm Garden, Foliage Plant Garden, Palm Tree Garden, and Kiwi Fruit Garden. The most famous tourist sites in Hallim Park are Hyeopjae Cave amd Ssangyong Cave. In addition, a folk village, children's amusement park, and outdoor resort facilities make it a place enjoyable for everybody.

The spectacular Palm Tree Road lies in between the Bird Garden and the Sub Tropical Botanical Garden of the Hallim Park. The park is home to around 200 varieties of flower species. The Bird Garden houses Mandarin ducks, pheasants, peacocks, and ostriches.
i wanna have this mini sewing machine ~
small stuffs
sun bathing frog..kadiri~

cockroach on the race
it is forbidden for public distribution...censored
im stepping on the creepiest stone on earth.. its so eiwy~
singing mice~

Saturday, April 12, 2008, 8:32:10 AM

Tour to Jeju Island"Volcano Fountain" Show. This show symbolically introduces the volcano formation on Jeju Island. A spectacular show with colorful rays, fountains, fire and holograms. The show takes place daily only inside the Lotte Hotel.

taking snapshots before the The Dragon Show~ thanks to my jacket sponsor hhhh good for Jeju Island temperature.~
going up feeling happy ~ im on my way to the room to take some rest and prepare for a video coverage of The Dragon Show
rocks from the volcano.. the island was formed because of those rocks. ??@#$
Sand play helps children develop many important skills: physical, social-emotional, and mental (cognitive)

so happy to be here alone~
A beautiful sunset at the other side of the world.

Takes me away
To where I've always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free
my prints in the Jungmun beach sand..never compare it with ours

And this spot is where i saw myself looking for other route to take ^^
What? farseeing how many steps do i have to take~ the truth is, i felt lost because i took a different way..hhh but still im decided to step on the sand of the beach and stay there for a couple of hours~

Selected from the script SBS Drama "All In"

Friday, April 11, 2008, 3:28:16 PM

After a long and meaningful walk from morning..i think i have to take some rest so i can recharge hhh. My next spot is the jungmun beach..im going there alone..so excited~

these are my new teddy friends. One is so big that he cant even seat properly. The other one wanted to sit on my lap.

or maybe i can just mail myself hhh
"Mail box on the hill of the first love".. im just wondering if i can put a letter inside this mail box?!@ This place is my first love~ hhh what's the purpose of this? maybe its written but i cant understand korean character..
just like a scene from a tv series or movies. They said that theres some kind of competition in that beach during winter..who ever can stay there in the water will win~~ ayiii so cold~

so tired from walking for two weeks.. and i deserve this foot massage

and yes~ yes i did.. its comfy there lying on the stones..good for back massage..
what am i doing alone? so desperate to have a lot of pictures.

Hey jen? what's wrong? i just wanna make some new smile hhh i think koeun said its a decaying smile?

white stones for foot massage..so relaxing and perfect ~
i have to take some rest after a long walk. I was wearing a heeled shoes but its more convenient than my running shoes..isn't it weird?

Kreso? I just wanna make a pose there to see how the mountain is and how far do i have to walk under the sun and warm temperature.
Sky + Trees + plants + fresh air + bird's chirping + sound of the sea = paradise
The carp bait is worth 500 won..and the proceedings will be donated to needy people like me :-( spare me...spare me a piece of bread..
These lovely tulips are so red and there are different colors of it.. It so bloom and some are bulbous flower plants.
Its astounding to see different kinds of flowers and if we are to think of how many kinds of flowers are there on earth..it'll be so fun to see and pick them ^^
im going to see the most wondrous place on earth (as far ^^)
wait, let me soak my feet haha

May be a miniature of traditional house or something..wonderful tulips .. Tired?

Shilla Hotel is also one of the finest hotel in jeju island and as you can see it's near Lotte Hotel..^^by foot going to shilla hotel ..my shadow to the Shilla Hotel and Viewtiful Park..
At Sound Island Museum with dolharubang...

On my way to Sound Island Museum..

Friday, April 11, 2008, 8:52:12 AM
Yeomiji Botanical Garden.

The spacious greenhouse of this well-known botanical garden in Jeju has a rich collection of more than 2,000 different kinds of flowering plants and trees. The exterior of the greenhouse preserves over 1,700 types of semi-tropical floras. Yomiji Arboretum is the biggest of its type in Asia. This famous botanical garden is adorned with traditional landscape designs of France, Italy, Japan and Korea.

Friday, April 11, 2008, 8:37:48 AM

On my way to Yeomiji Botanical Garden.

Friday, April 11, 2008, 8:25:54 AM
GS25 Jeju Island Friendly, Fresh and Fun is the tag line of this convenience store. They have so many freebies and the food items are cheap~ Didn't take the breakfast from the hotel to experience other things lang ^^
next picture, says "please stay a little longer" and i say "okay, i'm here to stay" haha
second picture, looks so sweet~
first picture, he looks so shy..
And this big teddy bear, expects me to have a picture with him..

The Volcano Faountain Show is a show that takes place in the Lotte Hotel. Volcano Fountain Show in Jeju, South Korea is a spectacular show symbolizing the volcanic formation of Jeju Island, making it all real for the visitors. The use of state –of-the-art equipments in the show gives a real look to the show. The Volcano Fountain Show, Jeju takes place with the help of amazing special effects on a fantastic water screen with colourful rays, fire, holograms and fountains.

and the tree...
and the purple flowers...

And the pond...
And the bridge.

And yes, i took a picture with those beautiful flowers.Im alone going to the beach front..this scene is part of the lotte hotel.Taking pictures in each corner of the lotte hotel ^^ (just imagine, how i look crazy smiling with my camera ALONE..so happy that no one can see me ^^)

This sculptures are traditional dol-harubang, many others represent various different symbols of Korean and Oriental religion, folklore, and society. It is scattered all over the island.

The fruit pictured above (with me!) could easily be mistaken for an orange. But, it’s a Korean (한라봉) (han-ra-bong) pronounced (hallabong) They are a hybrid fruit grown on Jeju island in Korea.

These things are a Jeju specialty item. When I went to Jeju island, i've realized that these fruits are sold in expensive gift sets, and you can’t find them cheap anywhere. Im so glad that i had a box of it as a gift for me from a very generous guy. (yum yum yum) - and nicko loves it sooo much that he wanted me to buy another box. (so~ expensive, so delicious. It’s got the skin and scent of an orange, but the inside is like a mandarin. It’s entirely seedless, and very sweet. It’s less juicy than an orange too.

When you enter the honeymoon Gate it means that you will .... ? nothing~ just for nothing~ haha (",)
Vain~ ^^ this is acutally the 1st best part of the room ~ the bathroom~ i can stay here for like 2hours or more.. Im going out to go for a walk from the hotel front - garden - beach front - other hotels. watch out for callous hahaha

Friday, April 11, 2008, 5:02:24 AM
Lotte Hotel I tried my very best to wake up early before sunset..coz i wanted to witness how surprising impressive is the sunset in jeju island at the jungmun beach front.

i ranted @ 10:22 PM