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Sunday, March 30, 2008 | N Seoul Tower | 0 comment(s)

Sunday, March 30, 2008, 5:17:02 PM
N Seoul Tower

Viewable from almost anywhere in Seoul, Seoul Tower serves as an excellent landmark. Built on a 262 meter peak in Namsan Park the tower reaches to 480 meters above sea level. When the weather and pollution levels cooperate, visiting the observation tower (370 meters above sea level) allows you to view the entire city and surrounding areas. Because of the vistas, many people enjoy climbing up here for early morning exercise or for a romantic stroll after dark.

The complexe containing Seoul Tower also contains several other attractions. Several exhibit halls display pictures of old Seoul, local birds, and towers from other countries.

I've seen this place from different korean novela aired dito sa philippines. Its really an amazing place to see. The overlooking of the seoul is romantic plus different amenities inside the tower. You can do many things here like viewing the seoul and bonding with your friends and love ones. that's all hhh not too many ^^.

We were so fortunate that the drawing machine (can you see the pic in black and white? thats the sketch of me, koeun and sangjin) was broken..why fortunate? because it is located in the first floor of the tower and we cant go to the top of the tower for FREE if not because of the broken machine.. i think we need to pay W 7,000 so we can see the top deck..the sketch machine is on the top deck and the owner said that we can come with him to go to the top and have a sketch picture..isnt it nice? ^^

i still keep it tough until now. ^^coz it has a sentimental value (value of W 7,000) hhaha ^^

And before i forgot, im so happy to see the teddy bear museum (not really) its just a souvenir shop of teddy bears..we can take pictures with the teddy bears..and see one of those? see the picture and we got new friend named teddy..sangjin's friend ^^ (oooppss peace :-*)

such a lovely couple ^^ This is my first time to meet koeun's hubby Sangjin..i missed nicko when i was in korea during this time (only this time) haha kasi nakakainggit silang mag-asawa eh..so cute and sweet.

They formed a heart shaped like the one at their back.

This is a formation of a heart shaped padlocks in N Seoul Tower. Each of the padlocks has a message for a friend or for a lover. so sweet..i would like to try it but i dont know how much it is.
Same concept like the heart shaped padlocks..but this got lots of messages for loved ones..its in korean character but there's also in english. like i love you..^^ and two padlocks are locked together..i think it means that nobody can take them apart.^^ i love it.

At the top of the tower, theres this window of different countries together with its distance from seoul. And i can't believe or even imagine that after 2months Koeun will come here in manila..its just like a future plan that happen so soon ^^ and i really appreciate so much..its a top secret travel. Anyways, i wanna thank you my dear friend for coming here and spending DAYS and NIGHTS ..


i ranted @ 11:10 PM