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Saturday, March 29, 2008 | Black Beer, cake with Koeun and Sang Young | 0 comment(s)

Good night with beer, cake, strawberries, squids and dried mangoes with the music that gives the 'mood'... i really enjoy this night..just talk and make fun..that's sang young koeun's brother-in-law..black beer taste good than SMB and Cass beer taste better than san mig light..i love it..Koeun learned 'sinungaling ka' hhhh she told me im a liar because she knew im not a drinker...but we had more than a tall glass(can you see the glass on the pic?) of black beer and Cass..but i think my alcohol level is higher than i expected hhh..their beers are not so bitter compared to 'ours'..We slept like 2:00a.m. Sang young thought of going out to drive but we can't coz we had alcohol..good start of my travel..I love the pictures..it shows the real me and real koeun..so makulit and so funny..Pictures are clickable for larger size.


i ranted @ 11:20 PM