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Thursday, March 6, 2008 | Surprising | 0 comment(s)

I was chatting with powee and she told me about coming home here in the phils. Suddenly, napasok sa usapan namin about her tour sa korea with her mom and dad. I cant control myself na to tell her na im also having my first tour in korea at the end of march so in a second she knows all about it.. :-) am i talkative? i dont think so, cause i was thinking din na magkita kita kami dun diba its a shame right? and i dont want that to happen. In fact, the moment na malaman ko na we might enjoy the lotte world together..sobrang naexcite ako.. :-) i think it would be a very memorable and happy day for us..too bad for nicko he can't come and of course super daming pictures to captured dun. The place is perfect and and syempre not too mention na its our first date at sosyal pa ito guys coz its out of the country. I really need to bring DSLR, two memory cards and an extra battery..i know whats gonna happen. Im so excited na.. Wait~~ i need to organize my itinerary ..hahaha laterzz..


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